About us


“Most cultures share creation myths that begin with a sound event. In the ancient Vedic texts, Lord Vishnu rests on the cosmic ocean and without borders. The silence is broken with the cosmic buzz we know as Aum. In the Bible, John 1: 1 states, “In the beginning was the Word …”

Everything is energy, and everything vibrates. What vibrates generates a frequency, then a sound. Then everything is sound. Above all we believe that the main purpose of music has been almost lost throughout the development of this modern society.

Music emerged through rituals of healing and elevation of the spirit. Once many were the ones who carried this knowledge. In the very beginning, sound and music were used as their main form of connection with the source. Today we perceive many movements willing to rescue cultures and ancestry. For this reason, we are in the pursuit of our roots by understanding our role in this world. Consequently, dedicating our lives in devotion to sound creation feels like saluting the essential matrix of life.

We believe these sound sculptures have bridged the gap between this lost knowledge and our modern civilization. For that reason, we seek to find music being used for its real original purpose, and naturally and consequently making this world a better place.

Who we are

Satya Sound Sculptures is a brazilian Pantam Handpan builder company. Born in Rio de Janeiro and currently based in Ubatuba, São Paulo – Brazil.

Our instruments are the result of 6 years of incessant research. Each Atma Pantam — the name of our sound sculpture — is a unique piece of art, since all building process is handmade. Due to our passion about studying new technologies to build sound sculptures, we became the first company from the Americas to develop handpans using stainless steel.

We sympathize and are very inspired by the Hindu culture and teachings, by believing in the power of sound and its intonation. We chose Sanskrit as the language to influence most of our creations names. Once it is one of the oldest languages of humanity, Sanskrit words carry the power of an ancestral wisdom.

“Atma Pantam” is an instrument made with Soul: “Atma” means “soul” or “Higher Self”.

The first Pantam ever build was inspired by two instruments: “Steel Pan” (Caribbean) and “Ghatam” (Indian). As a result from the addition of these two names, the instrument was named Pantam.

We believe that Pantam Handpan has not found yet its perfect acoustics settings in all of its potentialities which is the main reason it still requires incessant research and development. Therefore we are continuously creating new models that haven’t been made so far.

It is by creating handcrafted instruments that we are able to explore beyond the limits of possibilities that two metal shells joined by a border can offer. With love, devotion, passion, but most of all, with soul!

Our Vision

Special thanks

To Ezahn Bueraheng and all ESS (Echo Sound Sculpture) team, the ones who masterfully facilitated our learning and development as pan makers.
Also to the makers and friends: Jan Borren, Pepis Noblet, Jon Antzoulis, Alexandre Lora and Carlos Rodrigues – Kabeção.
We are grateful and respectful to the original sound sculpture creators.



Antonio Arvind

Founder, Sculptor and Tuner


Daniel Guimaraes

Tuner Apprentice and Grinder


Pedro Martins

Sculptor and Tuner



“The instruments made by Satya Sound Sculptures are true works of art.
All the qualities expected in a Pantam are found in the work done by SSS Team.

Clarity and purity of sound, length of notes, layout, perfect tuning and durability are some of the features found in the instruments.

For those looking for high quality handpans, made with love and competence, I would certainly recommend Satya Sound Sculptures.

As a professional musician and Pantam player, I feel privileged to be part of this beautiful family.

Congratulations to all involved in this beautiful work, and to make the world a better place!”

Alexandre Lora, Percussionist , São Paulo

“I believe the power that the Handpans / Pantans’ unique frequency allows us to access levels closer to what we can call divine through music, creating a sphere of insight and positivity whereby their notes echo.
The timbre and sustain of the instruments built by the Staya team is one of the best I have ever experienced and I am very grateful to have pantam / handpans of such quality in our country.”

Felipe Lemos, Percussionist, Rio de Janeiro


“I am 37 years old and I am musician since 10 years old.
I love the ethnic sounds since I was a child when my grandmother from Syria put me in contact with the music of the world.

I´ve been in contact with the Atma Pantam for 2 years.
Since the first moment, when I arrived at the Satya´s house, I connected very deeply with these instruments. It is the best connection I´ve ever had with a handpan since 2005, when I first played.”

Gustavo Simaan , Argentina