What is this instrument?

The handpan is a melodic percussive musical instrument, which is part of the class of ideophones. It basically consists in two half shells of steel which are joined at the rim. The hollow space creates resonance and more percussion possibilities. The top shell is where you find the notes, and the bottom for the Gatam/udu sound.

What is Atma Pantam?

Atma Pantam is the name of our sound sculpture, or handpan. “Atma Pantam” is an instrument made with Soul: “Atma” means “soul” or “Higher Self”. Pantam was named after two instruments known as being the inspiration for its creation: “Steel Pan” (Caribbean) and “Ghatam” (Indian).

Who builds the Atma Pantam?

The Atma Pantam and other handpan models are handcrafted by Pedro Martins, Daniel Guimarães and Antonio Arvind.

Where the Pantam handpans are made?

Currently in Ubatuba – SP, Brazil.

How can I get an Atma Pantam?

At our shop session. Contact us to check the currently available models.

What’s the Atma Pantam size?

Inner diameter 530 mm, 550/270

Which scales I can choose?

We are continuously publishing videos of Atma Pantam with different scales on our YouTube Channel. You can choose from one of them. However, we are not always able to do all the scales we’ve made so far, due to material issues.

Do you build custom scales?

Right now we are not making custom scales. But let us know if you have one particular scale in mind. We might consider the possibility of building it.

Does it come with a hardcase or bag?

We offer a strong and very light softbag, a good option to be handled inside airplanes, or for a walk. If you prefer having a hardcase, you may order one from your favorite brand, and send it to us.

Can it be shipped?

Yes, worldwide. However, when dealing with an extremely sensitive musical instrument, we highly recommend that you rather come personally to pick it up.

Can it be repaired if it gets damaged?

Generally yes, but each case needs to be analyzed.

Do you offer retuning services for other sound sculptures?

Yes, we can tune instruments from other builders. Just leave us a message.

Do you recommend any special care for the instrument?

The Atma, like all Pantam / Handpans, is made of steel, so it is important to always keep it clean with alcohol and hydrated with oil.

Which notes you can make?

We can build Pantam handpans from G2 to C6, avoiding Bb4.

How much costs one Atma Pantam? 

Each Atma Pantam is unique. The price is based on the number of notes, which can range from 9 to 24, depending on the scale. Contact us in order to know more about it!